MOCA Spot for community college students
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Information for Students

We want you to succeed

Students, you live with your parents, but you don’t want to. We get it! Most anyone who’s just graduated from high school feels this way, it’s perfectly normal. But there is something you have to understand, and that is that your parents want you to succeed! We at MOCA Spot also want you to succeed, and know that you may feel a large amount of pressure from your parents on a round-the-clock basis. We are here to solve that problem for you by offering you the opportunity to live on your own in a very independent setting.

It is better than living with mom and dad

In order to live with us, you must be attending college and on track to succeed at it. In that way, we are similar to your parents. We set a few rules for you because we want you to thrive and eventually move on to bigger and better things. Hey, anything is better than living with mom and dad, right?

You can live in an urban environment, near to school, with other aspiring collegiate students who are also looking to succeed. We provide you with a fully-furnished place, Internet, and all the utilities you need. To support your college needs like no other apartment can, we help you to find the mentors, tutors, and advisors you need, to help you on your path to the degree program of your choice.

Previous rental history is not required

But if you haven’t lived a blemish-free live until now, don’t worry. We do not require students to have credit, employment, or rental history before moving in. In other words, your credit can be entirely bad and it would not matter, you might be without employment and it does not matter, or you may never have rented your own place, or had trouble meeting your rent in the past, none of this matters. What we do require from you is college enrollment, a financial aid award, and satisfactory academic progress.

To achieve your goals and meet all your needs, we also encourage engagement with campus life activities and require that you maintain good academic standing. So if you are serious about pursuing your dreams, you’ve just found the right place to live!

Get in touch with us now to find out more about our Retention Readiness program, and how it can help you to succeed.