About Us

More Opportunities for College Advancement

Our name MOCA stands for More Opportunities for College Advancement, and your success in college is our goal. We offer a unique Retention Readiness program and are dedicated to helping students thrive while being independent and we provide very affordable living space for students who want to get out of their parents’ house while remaining responsible adults. Students living in our housing will participate in our retention program, which is a combination of free college resources like tutoring, mentoring, advising, and dorm room amenities like fully-furnished residences, utilities included, high-speed Wi-Fi Internet, and more.

Affordable Student Housing Solution

We provide an affordable student housing solution that is near to schools, and in single family houses, avoiding over-crowded, noisy accommodation blocks. Our sales office is located in downtown Phoenix, in close proximity to Maricopa County Community College District office. If you are attending Estrella Mountain, Glendale, Phoenix, Gateway, South Mountain, or Paradise Valley colleges, we have the perfect places for you to live.

Experience Campus Life at Its Fullest

Students will sign a binding agreement in order to receive our extensive amenities. The terms required are obligations such as pursuing a degree program, maintaining satisfactory academic standing, and increasing campus life activities. The value that we offer extends far beyond that of a simple apartment complex. You will experience campus life at its fullest by living with other students, being involved with extra-curricular activities, having tutoring and many other student resources readily available, and being motivated to succeed.