Information for Colleges

Affordable Student Housing

Retention Readiness is an innovative new solution to student housing that is not only what students desire, but also offers what their parents and colleges want. We provide affordable student housing, which already puts us ahead of many other student housing organizations. But what we also do is keep students in school, active in campus life activities, and focused on their academic work: we do this better than any other housing organization. We are fully active in the students’ lives, and serve as a proactive guide to the students we work with: our highest priority is success in community college atmospheres.

Students are the life blood of every college out there: without them you would have no business, no reputation, and no reason to exist. Here at MOCA Spot, we are working with students so they can achieve higher levels of graduation rates, which means a better reputation for your school.

The Need for Our Services Is Great

With Arizona community college graduation rates at a lower level than the national average, the need for our services is great. Research has suggested that students living on campus are far more likely to “devote considerable energy to studying, spend [a considerable amount more] time on campus, participate actively in student organizations, and interactions with students and faculty.” Our Retention Readiness program is designed to emulate traditional university-sponsored on-campus housing which encourages their activities in college.

Why you should endorse and refer students to us:

MOCA Spot has an extensive retention program set up in order for our student housing to align with the goals of colleges, so that students stay in school and earn higher grades. We begin by signing a binding agreement that addresses many of the satisfaction requirements of maintaining a good college standing.

This agreement is required before any student can live in our housing, and it includes obligations ranging from student life activities to at-home activities. For student life activities, the student is able to attend student clubs and organizations, and at-home activities include speaker events and dinner discussions.

Our students are required to reach out and get support from college resources to help them with their progress in college. These resources include tutoring to assure they understand school material, advising to discuss and review with them the needs they have in succeeding at school, and counseling to get them through the tougher parts of the semesters.