Information for Community

Improve Outlook for the Future

America, and each and every community within its borders, relies on a strong and growing economy. Research has shown that the future holds twice as many new jobs for those who have at least an associate’s degree than for those who do not. That is why, as a community, we should encourage the youth to attend college or trade schools to improve their outlook for the future, and ensure that our communities will hold their own in this new, growing, skill-based economy. The President, Barack Obama, has set out a guideline that calls for five million more community college degrees by 2020, to ensure that as many of our future adults as possible have the opportunity to have jobs that support our growing communities. The country is expanding the provision of affordable options to help people to succeed in post-secondary education.

It is important for communities to value college education, especially when trying to support young people into employment. We can help students by supporting the funding opportunities that exist, and working to create new ones.

In the Retention Readiness program, we help students grow and succeed in college, and we see our initiative as a service to the community, because we foster good habits and promote focus on college and high priorities.

We ask for your support so that our community college students continue to work hard and succeed in their higher education endeavors.