MOCA Spot for community college students
It's your future. Make it count.

Information for Parents

A Safe and Enhanced Way to Live Independently

Parents, you are driven to see your children succeed at college because you know that, in today’s world, a college degree could mean the difference between your children having a home and a family that is taken care of, and rooming with you for the rest of your life. MOCA Spot offers your children a safe and enhanced way to live independently while focusing on college success above and beyond all expectation.

Retention Readiness Program

Did you know that every year millions of students enroll in colleges and universities, but only about half of them ever graduate with any degree? For students of community colleges, that statistic is even worse: only about 16% of the community college students of Arizona graduate with their two year degrees in a three-year time frame. That is why we developed our More Opportunities for College Advancement student housing, with a strong motivation aspect that we call the Retention Readiness Program.

High Standards of Academic Achievement

The retention program is a stringent set of guidelines designed to foster excellence in academic achievement for the period of time that your son or daughter is enrolled in college. We want students to value their potential and opportunities for success, so we try our best to help them prioritize their educational goals and learn to focus on ensuring their college work is complete before they think about socializing. The program is set up as a way for students to have a taste of independence and freedom, but with an obligation to maintain high standards of academic achievement. In this way, it is similar to staying at your home, but they are actually on their own.

We put strict guidelines on students to maximize their probability of success in college in a variety of ways, including:

  • No parties, smoking, or alcohol are allowed in our living quarters.
  • Students are required to maintain a satisfactory level of academic achievement in the form of a quality GPA.
  • Limited overnight guest passes are allowed.

We also offer many amenities that no regular apartment complex does, all focused around your student and their outcome in college. We offer free Internet access, and we are close to college campuses. We require students to undertake tutoring and mentorship at their school, and house events where we have guest speakers from the college and community, to discuss subjects related to their academic and professional success. We also have catered dinners each month to cultivate and foster camaraderie among the students.

MOCA Spot is not living at home, and it’s not living in an apartment: it’s somewhere in between. This gives your child a sense of freedom, but not complete freedom, and is a great middle ground to stay on track to succeed.