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MOCA Spot for community college students
It's your future. Make it count.

Success Dorms

Our name MOCA stands for More Opportunities for College Advancement.
Enjoy your newfound independence in an affordable residential community entirely focused on student success.
MOCA Spot is non-traditional off-campus student housing in urban and inner city neighborhoods designed to raise the retention, graduation, and transfer rates of students attending community colleges.

Information for Students

Retention Readiness is an innovative new solution to student housing that is not only what students desire, but also offers what their parents and colleges want.

Information for Parents

Parents, you are driven to see your children succeed at college because you know that, in today’s world, a college degree could mean the difference...

Financial Aid

Student Loans are a hotly debated topic throughout the nation, as many people have differing opinions on their effectiveness and worth.

We offer a unique Retention Readiness program and are dedicated to helping students thrive while being independent and we provide very affordable living space for students who want to get out of their parents house while remaining responsible adults.

You will prepare for university life and receive the support you need while establishing your independence. MOCA Spot will cultivate camaraderie among peers within the framework of a carefully planned living and learning environment.